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How Carcharocles megalodon Teeth are Priced:

The prices of a megalodon tooth are the logical result of the combination of size, condition, and any unique characteristics the tooth possesses. Basically, large whole teeth are rarer than small teeth. Some colors are rarer than others... and the rarer the tooth, the more expensive it is.

There is a gradual increase in cost from 3in. to 4in. teeth. The cost increases more dramatically in 4" to 5" teeth. A significant jump in cost occurs as you approach 6in. teeth. For reasons no one understands, a 6in. or larger tooth may be 2-3X the cost of a comparable 5 15/16in. tooth. You might need to be a king in an oil rich country to afford a tooth larger than 6.5inches. The largest teeth approach 7.5in.; there are only a handful of these and they cost about the same as a "trophy home" along the Yellowstone River.

After basic consideration of size and condition, price increases in accordance with "presentation" aspects of the tooth. There is increased cost for unique color, shapes, collection locations, or even some pathogenic folding in the enamel.

See: Tooth Terms page for definitions and photos of various types of damage and positive attributes to Carcharocles megalodon teeth.

There is a 10 day return policy for teeth sent back in original condition. Return or exchange your Carcharocles megalodon tooth if you are not happy!!

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